As the Tourism Field of Africa is growing day and night Various Tour Operators also think of means to reduce the budget of Travelers in Africa Mainly in this article i have written concerning the independent travelers in East Africa. East Africa is a region that is composed of 6 Countries due to the fact that the Youngest Nation in Africa Joined the East African Community ( South Sudan) Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi plus South Sudan. and the Facts are Many due to the reason that even Democratic Republic of Congo is also Interested in Joining the Region however much the country falls under centre Africa but it wants to Enjoy the Benefits of Being a Member in the Community like free Visa Entry, Free Movement of Travelers from one Country Congo is interested mostly in Boasting its Tourism Industry in Region as its well know that Virunga National Park is the Home to the Mountain Gorillas which attract Tourists to Visit the Congo After the Encounter in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Bwindi National Park in Uganda.

For That Reason Various Tour Operators are trying all means to reduce on the Costs which are incurred by Travelers during their Adventures in East Africa and Self Drive Uganda Limited the leading Car Rental Company in Uganda and East Africa Wise has introduced the New Concept of Self Drive Safaris in Africa.

Self Drive Uganda Limited is a Car Rental Company with offices in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya but Soon Opening up offices in Tanzania and This Company offers Cheap Car Hire Services to Independent Travelers that wish to adventure the Beauty of East Africa, Looking for Car Rental in East Africa on Self Drive? Take a Self Drive Car in Uganda to Adventure the Beauty of Africa on a Private Guided Safari Holiday and they can Book for you the Camping Sites and Lodges plus the Gorilla Permits in all Gorilla Trekking Destinations. This Trend of Tourism has attracted Various Tour Companies to Prepare for the Change before its too Later to continue being in Business.

However, it’s also beneficial to be prepared for upcoming travel trends. Here are the 2016 travel and tourism trends worth knowing about, as well as how to adapt your tours or activities to take advantage of them.

1. Continued strength of the Chinese market

Due to the Increased Number of Travelers that come from China as a Nation? This means that the Chinese market for tour and activity companies is the fastest growing tourism source in the last decade,and this has motivated Self Drive Uganda to Prepare the Best China Traveler Packages to make sure they Enjoy the Self Drive Safaris in East Africa and the Company is offering free GPS to Chinese.

2. Travellers wanting to unplug

Chinese are Travelers that wish to travel while listening to Music and All the Fleets provided to Travelers by Self Drive Uganda must have a Music Play System to make the Vacation interesting and Enjoyable as its always an adventure of once a Life time in Africa on Self drive Adventure and the Company has designed Various Routes that can be Followed by Chinese Travelers in Uganda and Rwanda.

However, this needs to be on a traveller’s own terms. WiFi remains a key requirement for many tourists, which creates a difficult balance to strike for hoteliers and destinations. Saying that, some remote hotels use their lack of WiFi as a selling point. If someone really wants to have a digital detox, it’s preferable to completely remove all temptations, after all.

3. Discovering untouched and unique places

Tourists in 2016 will be looking for opportunities to explore lesser-known destinations, especially those that are untouched or unique. It’s going to be a huge year for adventure travel, with many of us wanting to:

  • Discover untouched, unique places
  • Create unforgettable memories
  • Cross something off your bucket list
  • Push the boundaries of your comfort zone
  • Enjoy closer-to-home experiences

These trends has made Self Drive Uganda to Propose the Various Destinations to be visited by Independent Travelers that are coming to East Africa for private Guided Safaris like Gorilla Trekking , Niryangongo Hike in Congo and Volcanoes Visit to Dian Fossey Grave.

4. Fewer barriers to travel

With each year, the world gets even more connected. Cheap flights make weekend breaks in foreign destinations easier than ever, and smart translation apps are dissolving language barriers but this has refused to work in East Africa as the Fares are not available at cheaper Prices unless in Low Price seasons and this Fact has enabled Self Drive Uganda to Partner with other Airline to be Able to Enjoy Gorilla Safaris in Africa.

5. Millennials are looking for adventure

It’s important to align your tours and activities to fit the needs of young travellers, or 20% of the world’s tourists. By 2020, this market will be taking 47% more international trips than in 2013, with many young travellers looking for:

  • Unique and authentic experiences
  • Companies that listen to their feedback
  • Opportunities to learn something new
  • Word of mouth recommendations

Its for that Reason that Self Drive Uganda is offering free Hotel Booking to all its clients that are interested in Visiting any of the Destination that the company works in. Go Self Driving in Uganda to adventure the Beauty of Africa and this company offers 24/7 Assistance on Road incase of a Break Down.

6. Enjoying closer-to-home experiences

2016 isn’t just about jetting off to the far away corners of the world, says Self Drive Uganda Blog. There’s also the appeal of staying closer to home and saving a bit, while still enjoying the best getaway from day-to-day life.

Enjoy an African Private Guided Safari to Explore the Beauty of Africa with the Help of the Experts from Self Drive Uganda.


As the Tourism Field of Africa is growing day and night Various Tour Operators also think of means to reduce the budget of Travelers in Africa Mainly in this article i have written concerning the independent travelers in East Africa. East Africa is a region that is composed of...