Iby’iwacu cultural village is situated in Kinigi Nyabigoma cell near Parc National des Volcanoes which is a candid village that represents the true taste of Rwanda’s culture and only requires one only twenty minutes to reach this destination from the District of Musanze. In the local language Iby’Iwacu means a master piece of our home hence the village presents the exact treasure behind the evolution of the Rwanda nation. The village exposes how the people of Rwanda i.e the Tutsis, Hutus and Batwa interact and get together despite their differences in terms of traditions, values  and cultural back grounds. The village’s main objective is to ensure that the community acquires the necessary needs and requirements  due to the fact that poverty was a lot hence leading to increased poaching of wild game which was a disadvantage to the environment/Africa’s nature.The village was established to show how tourism could benefit the community due to the fact that projects were begun amongst the people of the community hence improving their standards of living and increasing the number of tourists that visit to experience the culture of the Rwandese .