Located along Kigali/Gitarama/ Kibuye road and about 12 kms to Karongi District Office then 28 km towards the centre of Kibuye city, the splendid Ndaba waterfall also called “Urutare rwa Ndaba” in karongi District has a very interesting story about a famous hunter called Ndaba who one day went looking for honey and wild game in the forest as this was his usual routine with his other fellow friends/hunters. While on his way, he spotted a rock with a huge  hole in it with bees bumbling in and out then he went further to find out what was going on. When he reached the rock, he saw honey leaking from the combs then he shouted so as to inform his friends on what he had seen. Before they arrived, he descended down into the hole and with his hands, he filled himself with honey since it was in plenty even to an extent that the bees did not disturb him. Later on, his friends arrived and dropped him their pots to be filled too but due to his greed, Ndaba went on stuffing the honey than filling the pots till evening. When his friends saw that it was getting darker, they angrily asked Ndaba to ascend but this was all in vain for he did not due to the fact that he was so occupied with eating the honey which made them decide to leave him behind and go back to their homes. Finally after getting satisfied, Ndaba decided to climb up which was impossible due to the fact that the walls were very greasy hence not getting a way out of the rock which led to his death at the base close to the honey combs hence the name Ndaba Rock as it is known today.