Unearthing the history, the language and, ultimately, the people of a destination can be one of travel’s most rewarding aspects. Cultural tours holidays let you dip your toe into a country and keep going until you’re out of your depth with an eclectic blend of experiences to help you piece together what it means to be a local. Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania, cultural experiences when combined with gorilla Adventure in Rwanda, Join the Gorilla Trekking Journeys in Africa designed by Local Tour Operators that have been offering Cultural Safaris.

These Safari Companies have Two types of Guide to make you enjoy your cultural Tour in Uganda or East Africa.

  • Cultural Guides:  will take a group of tourists to different places with a particular cultural interest. For example: art and crafts tours, gastronomy tours (food), historical tours, indigenous community tours and township tours, etc
  • Cultural Site Guides:  will remain at one site and will share their wealth of knowledge with private visitors and bus loads of tourists that visit throughout the day.

What does a Cultural Tourist Guide do?

Cultural Guide:

  • meeting and greeting members of their tour
  • co-ordinating accommodation and transport
  • being enthusiastic and helpful at all times
  • dealing with enquiries and complaints from their tour group
  • loading or unloading baggage or other equipment
  • making sure that tour members are comfortable and safe
  • attending to problems (lost luggage, late arrivals etc)
  • being able to deal calmly with emergencies (eg heart attacks, car accidents, etc)
  • making themselves available to their group at all times (24-7)
  • keeping up to date with information which would make their tour more interesting

Cultural Site Guide:

  • meeting and greeting their tour
  • receiving of paid tickets
  • giving an interesting talk while guiding the group safely through the site
  • answering questions
  • monitoring the group at all times that they don’t wander off or damage property
  • making sure all members of the group are accounted for at the end of the tour
  • being punctual for the next group

Recommended Safari Companies.

Congo Gorilla Tours

P.O. Box  , Rwanda Remera Kigali
Tel. +256 (0)392159498
Website www.congogorillasafaris.com

Congo Gorilla Safaris is among the leading Congo Based Safari Company that offers Gorilla Tours to Virunga and Kahuzi Biega National Park, Trust this Safari Company to enjoy the Congo Safari beginning from Visa and Payment to Hotel booking for your Expedition to Africa

Active African Vacations Limited

Plot 1195, Entebbe Road Najja Shopping Centre
P.O. Box  , Kampala, Uganda, Room No 3B
Tel. +256 (0)774819223

Email: info@vacation-Safaris.com
Web: www.vacation-safaris.com

Manager: Maggie Nabuma

Go Gorilla Trekking
Najja House, Room 03B
Najjanankumbi Stella, Kampala
Tel: +256 772 561584
Email: info@gogorillatrekking.com
Website: www.gogorillatrekking.com

Manager: Makonzi Micheal

Cheap Rwanda Safaris
Najja House, Room 03c
Najjanankumbi Stella, Kampala
Tel: +256 701819223
Email: info@cheaprwandasafaris.com
Website: www.cheaprwandasafaris.com

Manager: Habyarimana Edward

Rwanda Gorilla Expeditions

Plot No. 29. 2nd Floor,
Kampala Road, Entebbe
PO Box 687, Entebbe, Uganda
Tel. +256 (0)414 322789
Fax. +256 (0)414 322789
Mobile. +256 (0)772 873106
email. info@rwandagorillaexpeditions.com
Website: www.rwandagorillaexpeditions.com
Managing Director: Mabzira Suliman